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About Midwest Recycling Center

We are the right people.

Our MRC Recycling facility in Park Hills is one of the few recycling centers in the state of Missouri that have achieved both R2 National, and Level 4 State certifications.

We have been audited for process and management of material. End markets have been audited to prove that all material is going where it should (no overseas glass fields). We have an environmental management system, a written closure plan on file with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, and financial assurance in place to pay a certified third party to clean up any material in the event that MRC Recycling should go bankrupt.

Normally when a recycler goes out of business they leave a huge mess consisting largely of monitors and leaded glass. If the Environmental Protection Agency or Department of Natural Resources find paperwork or asset tags of any entity, the financial responsibility to have the material properly recycled goes back to the producer of the material.

When you recycle with MRC, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are already absolved of any potential liability, from materials handling to identity theft, even if the worst case scenario were to play out.

We have no intention of closing our doors any time soon, but even if we do, you are protected.

Protection from Identity Theft

Much of your electronic equipment contains sensitive information which requires certain expertise to properly dispose of. MRC offers this expertise, and is capable of protecting our clients from any concern in regard to identity theft and sensitive information release, while diverting your e-waste from landfills.

MRC Recycling offers data destruction services for customers with every kind of need, from a single laptop, to an entire IT department. All End of Life Electronics can be recycled securely with MRC, at any scale.

Our equipment for data destruction includes Department of Defense standards compliant hard drive erasure software, as well as an industrial degausser, hydraulic hole punch, and a mobile shred truck for on-site hard drive and magnetic media destruction.

Our processing facility is outfitted with a security system which includes video surveillance.

Protecting Your Clients, Employees, and Self

We have been in the electronic waste management business for over a decade, and have learned much. The demand for e-waste management is rising, and with it, throngs of inexperienced recyclers who may be unwittingly putting their customers at risk due to lax practices.

Because of this, we encourage all potential clients to exercise their due diligence in protecting themselves, their employees, and their clients when making decisions on how to handle their end-of-life electronic equipment.

Know who you are working with. Investigate the certifications and references of any company or individual you are considering trusting with the disposal of your equipment. See first-hand where your information is going, and witness how it is being handled. Ask to tour their facilities.

Tour our facilities. We welcome you.

We are proud of what we are doing and we would love to show you.

Our Company History

MRC started in the appliance business in 1998. We specialized in the sales and service of new and reconditioned appliances and televisions. Watching the changes in technology over the years, and seeing the difficulty people were having in the disposal of old televisions, we knew something needed to be done. At the time, we had no solution.

In 2002, chance would have it that we would receive a call from our county solid waste district. They wanted to know if we would be interested in collecting e-waste. The following year, MRC began recycling electronics.

Initially, MRC only collected from individuals and schools at our store front. Within a few months, we began hosting community recycling events. These events are typically sponsored and/or promoted by schools, businesses, or government entities.

The Dirty Secret of E-Waste

This video illustrates the importance of recycling your electronics with a certified recycler. This is what could be happening with your electronics if you are entrusting it to the wrong people.

MRC (Park Hills) is R2 Nationally Certified

Our R2 National and Level 4 State Electronics Recycling Certifications means you are protected at the highest level.

  • Our Park Hills location is our R2 certified facility, and is our main End of Life Electronics processing facility for our entire company.
  • R2 (Responsible Recycling) Nationally Certified by Perry Johnson Registrars
  • Level 4 Certified by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources
  • FacilitiesRegistered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency
  • Certificates of Destruction and/or Proper Recycling Upon Request
  • Secure Hard Drive & Data Destruction Services


R2 Certification

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